Dog portrait photography

My name is Audrey Bellot, and I am a professional dog photographer. There is not a second where I doubt the sincerity of a dog. It is for me their greatest common quality, and it is what I find most beautiful in them. Photography came into my life little by little over the years, while dogs have always been there, since my childhood. So it is this passion for animals that was born first, continuing with the one for Art, and more precisely, the photography of dogs. I was born in Auvergne (France) and I live with my dog Laos, adopted from a shelter in 2018. As an expert in dog photography, I wish to highlight the beauty of these beings by photographing them in breathtaking landscapes.



“I really recommend Audrey as a photographer and as a teacher. She creates unforgettable dream images and teaches you how to achieve them, no matter where you are in your photographic journey.”


Jacqueline Rüdiger

“Each of her photos is a story, an emotion, marked by an impressive technical mastery for such a young person, my admiration only grows with each photo shared.”


Laetitia Delval

“The quality of her work is exceptional. Audrey is a lovely person, with unlimited kindness and patience.”


Lucile Roussel

Latest news & articles

Find here some extracts of my last articles about my work, my previous trips and projects with dogs.

My 5 favorite dog photos of 2021

My 5 favorite dog photos of 2021

This year has been filled with many photo opportunities with incredible dogs and their owners.   This year I was able to reconnect a little more with what I loved: the forest. I hadn't photographed much last year, and I missed it. The varied...

Canine photo sessions in the lavender

Canine photo sessions in the lavender

An exceptional place for canine photo sessions Every year for 3 years now, I go to the plateau of Valensole to enjoy the lavender for photo sessions with dogs. The best time to visit the plateau is early July, it can happen that the bloom is late...

Dog photo sessions in Belgium

Dog photo sessions in Belgium

A trip to Belgium to photograph dogs! This was my first time in Belgium (almost) solely for photo shoots for dog owners all over the country. From blooming forests to unusual locations, here's a post that will give you a taste of the kind of images...