Dog Photography Workshops

Even within a group workshop setting, I make it a priority to provide individual guidance. Throughout my workshops, I aim to take you on an adventure, exploring new perspectives, seeking inspiration, and delving into deeper knowledge. For more information about my 2024 workshops, simply scroll down the page to discover upcoming dates for mastering dog photography.

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop in your country or region, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s discuss the potential of creating a photography workshop in your country.

WORKSHOP Norway, Bodø

20th September – 22th September 2024

This is an extensive three-day Dog Photography Workshop! For this exclusive workshop, we will take advantage of the beautiful nature in Norway. There will be an intensive theory class, 3 organized photo sessions and 2 editing classes.


11th August – 18th August 2024

Join me for a six-day Dog Photography Workshop in Southern Iceland’s stunning landscapes. This experience goes beyond organized photo sessions. Throughout this event, you’ll uncover the magic of crafting one-of-a-kind dog photos.


24th June – 26th June 2024

During this three-day photography workshop, I aim to provide you with the opportunity to capture beautiful and distinctive photos of dogs. The workshop will be held in the globally renowned lavender fields of Provence, France.


« I attended the Stockholm workshop on 10-11 September 2022 organised by Tuss and given by Audrey, and it was GREAT! Our group consisted of 9 students and Tuss opened their house to us so that Audrey could do the theory parts. The two days were divided into two parts, the theory and the shoot. The theory and the shooting were very instructive and interesting. We had models of very different breeds, but appropriate for the two shooting locations. Audrey has great didactic skills, she can explain things clearly, calmly and in an interesting way. I particularly liked that she invited everyone not to be shy about asking questions during the theory and to ask for help and feedback during the shooting. The workshop days were packed, about 12 hours a day, but they went by so quickly! I learned so much and had so much fun! »


« Thank you so much for your time, patience, advice & fun on last weekend’s workshop in Bavaria. I absolutely love the way you always prioritise the dogs’ feelings & wellbeing above everything. I also really enjoyed going back to the same locations the second day giving us the opportunity to correct and improve on our images from the day before. I was nervous about attending a workshop by a French person in Germany, worrying that I wouldn’t understand a word that was being said but you soon put my mind to rest with your excellent English! It was an absolute joy meeting you & Laos (thanks for the cuddles Laos!), I was blown away by the amount of information you shared over the 2 days and am still buzzing about the trip! Thanks also to Chiara, Anita & Neo who were fabulous hosts! I am already planning to come to another of your events in 2023 and look forward to more cuddles from Laos! Many thanks. »


« I’d been following Audrey’s work for a while, hoping to one day attend one of her workshops. Since February 2021, that dream became a reality! Audrey is genuinely passionate about her craft and adeptly shares her expertise with both professionalism and kindness. She readily addresses all our inquiries and offers valuable tips. Our day consisted of a blend of theory and hands-on practice, culminating in a workshop module covering retouching using Lightroom and Photoshop. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, Audrey tailors her instruction to match your retouching proficiency. I gained a wealth of knowledge through this module. In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Audrey’s training courses, as they’ve not only taught me a great deal but also facilitated my growth in this field. Thank you once again, Audrey, and please continue to inspire us with your incredible photographs! »


« I had already been following Audrey’s work for some time and I was tempted by her workshop! The organisation is perfectly conducted with a steady but human rhythm, a good alternation of theory, practice on the field and on the computer. The shooting locations are very well chosen and easy to find. She is also keen to help each person develop their own style, so she makes all the tools and know-how available so that participants are able to produce beautiful images that are their own and not just a copy and paste of Audrey’s work! The summary booklet is invaluable in order to be able to take back the methods learned during the workshop in a calm environment. »


« I discovered Audrey’s photos on Facebook and immediately fell in love with her work. So when she organized a workshop in my area, I eagerly seized the opportunity! Although I’m an amateur dog photographer and not a professional, I managed to navigate the day without any difficulties. Audrey, a remarkably talented photographer, was incredibly approachable. She dedicated time to review each participant’s work, offering explanations on what worked and what didn’t. Her knack for setting up the perfect shot is exceptional, and she demonstrates patience and gentleness when working with the dogs. Throughout the workshop, she imparted invaluable tricks that significantly enhance one’s photography skills—tips that aren’t initially apparent, either during the shoot or in post-processing. Anticipating this day, I had an incredible time with a delightful person who had a great sense of humor. Moreover, I learned a tremendous amount! »


« I was fortunate and privileged to take part in Audrey’s workshop! I was introduced to her through a mutual friend, and she instantly captivated my interest. I truly unearthed a profound passion for dog photography—both portraits and action shots. Her training sessions are comprehensive, well-explained, and Audrey ensures everything is perfectly organized and conducted in a cheerful atmosphere. She introduced retouching techniques that we might not have otherwise explored or tested without her guidance! Audrey is not just a talented individual but also incredibly humane. I had the pleasure of attending two fantastic sessions with her, and it’s all thanks to her that I’ve developed a genuine fondness for capturing my dog’s moments! »


« I came across Audrey’s work on social media, and her stunning photos always inspired me. When I discovered she conducted workshops, I immediately seized the opportunity. Audrey has a knack for making participants feel comfortable and addresses our queries adeptly. She helped me develop a different perspective on the environment and taught me how to navigate it. Her explanations are concise and clear, and the accompanying materials were immensely helpful, enabling easy practice of the exercises at home. She’s an excellent instructor who listens attentively and readily offers further explanations if needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to join another workshop soon to further enhance my skills. Thank you once again, and I look forward to our next session! »


« I enrolled in Audrey’s workshop aiming to enhance my post-processing abilities and delve into dog photography. Witnessing her exquisite photos on social media left me wondering, ‘How is this even possible?’ As soon as Audrey announced her workshops, I eagerly signed up. Through her incredible talent and passion, Audrey guided us with clear explanations, taking individual time with each participant for adjustments and patiently answering questions. All this happened in an enjoyable atmosphere, making the day pass by too quickly! Given the chance, I would gladly participate again. Audrey, keep fueling your passion at 200% and continue enchanting us with your photos. Thank you! »


« I attended the workshop in Sweden wanting to improve on my technique as well as my confidence taking great dog portraits. I found Audrey’s presentation easy to follow, insightful and extremely useful. The practicals were excellent, using different types of dogs and locations. Audrey made sure each participant had 1-1 time and ensured everyone was able to take great pictures and benefited from her vast knowledge.  I would recommend this course and would consider doing another with Audrey in the future. »


« I participated in Audrey’s workshop at Baie de Somme. Apart from meeting wonderful people, it was an incredibly enriching experience! I acquired extensive knowledge, had the opportunity to practice with different subjects, and the location was stunning! Audrey is an excellent instructor, upbeat, and she readily demonstrates techniques to ensure perfection. The retouching segment was also fantastic, and having the session recorded allowed us to practice at our own pace at home. The theoretical aspect was thoroughly explained. I departed from the workshop with cherished memories and all the necessary tools to capture fantastic dog portraits. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop with my eyes closed. »


« What can I say? It was everything I hoped for. I’ve admired your work for a long time, and meeting someone who is not only talented but also kind, caring, and open to sharing their knowledge without holding back was wonderful. I learned so much about post-production techniques I didn’t even know existed, and my perspective on the field has completely transformed. Thank you for a delightful weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you and Laos, and I sincerely hope our paths cross again soon. »


« A few days after your workshop and I still feel very inspired.  While making a living from photography for the last few years I came to a point where I always did the same (posing and editing) because I knew it ‘worked’ for me and my clients. However, by doing the same you won’t grow. Therefore I needed a workshop like yours.  Seeing you at work, feeling your passion meeting other photographers with the same goals can really spark up the way you feel about something. Your theoretical part of the course was complete, and thought me a few extra things a can work on in the future. You really made an effort to give everyone the same chances and really wanted us all to get THE shot. You handled it with a lot of patience and were really helpful with making the dogs look perfect in our direction. I also found it very helpful that you took the time to look into our camera’s to make sure everyone was good to go. »