Dog photo sessions in the lavender fields

The beautiful lavender fields of france

Every year for 3 years now, I go to the plateau of Valensole to enjoy the lavender for photo sessions with dogs. The best time to visit the plateau is early July, it can happen that the bloom is late and that the flowers are not opened in June. The lavenders start to be cut in mid-July, sometimes a little earlier, depending on the fields you want to visit!

Dog portrait sessions

At the end of this unique experience, you will get images that are completely unique. I now know the location and the light situations in the morning and in the evening. Thanks to these hours of location scouting, I can now offer you sessions in the best places on the set and at the best times of the day.

There is nothing more important to me than creating timeless and exceptional memories with your dog. The color of the lavender varies depending on the time of day. I prefer to shoot very early or very late rather than during the day to take advantage of the warm and soft light of the sunset or sunrise, as well as the cold and dark light of dusk.

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Dog Photography Workshop

During a workshop you will have the opportunity to learn photography, here in a specific field: dog photography. It can be individual or groups. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you can participate to a workshop.