Dog Photography Workshop
Mar 5, 2019

What’s a Workshop?

During a workshop you will have the opportunity to learn photography, here in a specific field: dog photography. It can be individual or in a group. Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional you can participate in a workshop. My trainings always take place in 3 parts: theory, practice and post-production.

Dog Photography Workshop with Audrey Bellot

Theory: understanding how to photograph dogs

During a training course, you will be accompanied to learn how to create authentic and captivating dog portraits. We will explore everything from composition, parameters and materials, natural light, poses, dogs in action, to editing workflow and much more. You’ll get advice that will inspire you to create images that live up to your expectations. So the day starts with a theoretical part, after the presentations.

Dog Photography Workshop with Audrey Bellot

Practical: photographing in natural light

After answering any questions you may have, the practical outdoor part follows with our models specially called for the occasion. I explain how to apply the different things seen in the morning, how to position yourself, what angle to use at what time, the background, etc. So you can see exactly how to photograph your subject, after a few tries, I look at your results and give you a few tips to help you go further and correct your mistakes.

Dog Photography Workshop with Audrey Bellot
Dog Photography Workshop with Audrey Bellot

My aim is to accompany you as much as possible. I will share with you my little tips for successful portraits, whatever your material. The important thing is that you learn as much as possible without putting barriers in your way.

Dog Photography Workshop with Audrey Bellot

Post-processing: accentuating the atmosphere

The training ends with the post-processing of the images taken during practice. I show you how I retouch my images using Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop with one of the photos I was able to take with you.

After showing you my workflow, I come to you to help you with the processing of your images. The purpose of this part is to show you my own style of retouching which will aim to bring out the subject, accentuate the mood, remove unwanted elements from the image and export the photos correctly.

“I took part in the Nantes Workshop at the end of 2018, a great day spent with Audrey Bellot, which allowed me to learn a lot about canine photography! I highly recommend her trainings if you really want to progress! Great experience with this talented photographer! So don’t hesitate to book now! You won’t regret it!”

Studio Ô Natur’Ailes – Amandine R. Photographies

Dog Photography Workshop with Audrey Bellot

My goal is to take you to a higher level, during a training course I stay at your side to push you to go further. In a group or privately, you will always be listened to and helped to overcome your difficulties whether in practice or in post-treatment. The important thing afterwards is that you also find your own style, your vision of photography is unique and you have to practice as much as possible in order to stand out.

Passion, patience and experience will make you a talented photographer.

“Audrey is an exceptional teacher, I got a lot of compliments on my photos after my coaching, proof that it was very useful! So if you want to learn more about canine photography and improve yourself, go for it!”

Marion M. Photographie

Mes cours en ligne

Apprenez à réaliser des portraits captivants et artistiques de chiens en suivant mes cours en ligne.



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