Dog Photography Workshop

Why Taking a Dog Photography Course?

Embarking on a photography journey can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and when you choose to specialize in dog photography, it opens up a world of unique and captivating subjects. Whether you’re just starting out with photography, an enthusiastic amateur, or a seasoned professional, participating in a dog photography workshop can be a game-changer for your skill set and creative portfolio.

These workshops are designed to provide comprehensive training in the art of capturing canines through your lens, and they cater to photographers of all levels. Regardless of your background, my workshops are structured to encompass three essential components: theory, hands-on practice, and post-production techniques. This holistic approach ensures that you not only understand the technical aspects of photography but also develop the skills to bring out the best of your subjects.

So, if you’re passionate about photography and intrigued by the idea of immortalizing the unique personalities of dogs, joining a dog photography course might just be the perfect next step on your photographic journey.

Theory: Mastering the Art of Dog Photography

In my workshop, you’ll embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of capturing authentic and captivating dog portraits. Our adventure begins with an engaging exploration of theory, a crucial foundation for any aspiring dog photographer.

But let’s be clear – this isn’t a lecture where I drone on for hours. Instead, we’ll embark on an interactive day. I firmly believe in the power of engaging activities, including quizzes and answering any of your questions. Together, we’ll dive deep into the world of dog photography, covering a wide spectrum of topics. From mastering composition, understanding camera settings and equipment, harnessing the magic of natural light, and delving into the art of capturing the perfect poses and expressions, this first part of our workshop is designed to ignite your creative spark.

Furthermore, this segment offers you a unique opportunity to set up your camera and gain insights into how I collaborate with my clients and their dogs during a shoot. Dog photography is an art form in itself, and there’s much more to it than meets the eye. So, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting your journey, our theory session promises to be a valuable foundation upon which you can build your skills and passion for dog photography.

Perhaps you’ll even have the pleasure of meeting Laos, my endearing canine companion who has graced many of my frames.

Elevating Your Skills Through Practical Photoshoots

With theory under our belts and your questions addressed, it’s time to take the plunge into the practical realm of dog photography. This outdoor segment is where the magic truly happens, as we put your newfound knowledge into action with specially arranged dog models.

During this phase, I’ll guide you through the application of the concepts we covered in the morning session. From mastering your positioning and selecting the ideal angles to choosing the perfect backdrop and more, you’ll learn the art of creating stunning dog portraits in real-time.

The beauty of this practical experience lies in its diversity. Our models vary in size, personality, and color, presenting you with a range of situations to explore and experiment with. As you capture these diverse subjects, you’ll observe firsthand how I collaborate with owners and their furry companions to craft exceptional portraits.

Expect personalized feedback as you hone your skills. After a few rounds of shooting, I’ll review your results and offer valuable insights to help you push your creative boundaries and address any potential mistakes. My goal is to be your constant companion on this photographic journey, providing you with my best tips and techniques for achieving exceptional portraits. 

Post-Processing: Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere

As our workshop nears its conclusion, we transition to the intriguing world of post-processing, where we breathe life into the images captured during our practical sessions. In this segment, I will walk you through my personal approach to image retouching, leveraging the power of Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop. Using one of the photos we collectively captured, I will unveil the secrets behind my unique style of retouching.

The primary goal of this phase is to reveal the artistry that lies within post-processing. We’ll explore how to enhance the subject, amplify the mood, eliminate unwanted elements, and ensure the final images are impeccably prepared for export. My techniques in Photoshop encompass a multitude of tools that allow for precise adjustments to colors, lighting, and the dog itself.

Recognizing that some of these techniques can be intricate and challenging to commit to memory, I provide a valuable resource. Following our workshop, you’ll receive a video tutorial of the editing process we undertook together, as well as my unique book: Dog Portrait Photography, The Complete Guide. This book covers all the theoretical aspects of dog photography, as well as my Photoshop post-processing workflow. This ensures that you can revisit and reinforce your post-processing skills at your own pace.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll not only have honed your skills in capturing stunning dog portraits but also gained insight into the art of elevating your images through post-processing, all while preserving the unique atmosphere and mood that make each photograph a masterpiece.

Workshop Participants’ Photos & kind words

Kayte Ashton

« I attended the workshop in Sweden wanting to improve on my technique as well as my confidence taking great dog portraits. I found Audrey’s presentation easy to follow, insightful and extremely useful. The practicals were excellent, using different types of dogs and locations. Audrey made sure each participant had 1-1 time and ensured everyone was able to take great pictures and benefited from her vast knowledge.  I would recommend this course and would consider doing another with Audrey in the future. »

Marieke Hoeijmakers

« I participated in the Stockholm Workshop from September 10-11 2022 hosted by Tuss and given by Audrey, and it was AWESOME! The two days were divided in 2 parts, theory and shooting. Both the theory and shooting were very educational and very interesting. We had amazing models from very different, but appropriate for the 2 shooting locations, breeds. Audrey has great didactic skills so she can explain things clearly, calmly and in an interesting manner. I especially liked that she invited everyone to not be shy when it comes to asking questions during theory and for help and feedback during shooting. The workshop days were packed, 12 hours per day approximately, but they went by so fast! I learned so much and had so much fun! »

Jenni Maxe

« I went to Audrey’s workshop in Sweden and I am very happy with it! Audrey was very helpful and took her time with each participant. Everything was very thorough and suitable for both beginners and more advanced. We got to photograph many dog models and everything was laid out in a good way. I can really recommend Audrey’s workshop. »

Anna Schaeffer

« As well as meeting some great people, it was a really great course! I learned an enormous amount, it enabled me to train on different models (other than my dog) and the location was magnificent! Audrey is a great teacher, she’s always in a good mood and doesn’t hesitate to show us exactly how to do things so that it’s perfect. The retouching part is also top-notch, the recording of the session means that you can redo everything at home at your own pace, and the theory part is very well explained. I left the course with great memories and all the tools I need to take superb dog photos. »

Audrey Mouton

« I just wanted to thank you for this workshop, which gave me so much, both professionally and personally. You have an absolutely brilliant way of passing on your knowledge. Your pedagogy is unquestionable and I sincerely believe that you can bring a lot to a lot of people. I really appreciate your way of transmitting and I thank you again. The fact that you continue to be available for us after the workshop is also a big plus. »

Dorien Vandyck

« A few days after your workshop and I still feel very inspired.  While making a living from photography for the last few years I came to a point where I always did the same (posing and editing) because I knew it ‘worked’ for me and my clients. However, by doing the same you won’t grow. Therefore I needed a workshop like yours.  Seeing you at work, feeling your passion meeting other photographers with the same goals can really spark up the way you feel about something. Your theoretical part of the course was complete, and thought me a few extra things a can work on in the future. You really made an effort to give everyone the same chances and really wanted us all to get THE shot. You handled it with a lot of patience and were really helpful with making the dogs look perfect in our direction. I also found it very helpful that you took the time to look into our camera’s to make sure everyone was good to go. »

Helen Hushton

« Dear Audrey, Thank you so much for your time, patience, advice & fun on last weekend’s workshop in Bavaria. I absolutely love the way you always prioritise the dogs’ feelings & wellbeing above everything. I also really enjoyed going back to the same locations the second day giving us the opportunity to correct and improve on our images from the day before. I was nervous about attending a workshop by a French person in Germany, worrying that I wouldn’t understand a word that was being said but you soon put my mind to rest with your excellent English! It was an absolute joy meeting you & Laos (thanks for the cuddles Laos!), I was blown away by the amount of information you shared over the 2 days and am still buzzing about the trip! I am already planning to come to another of your events in 2023 and look forward to more cuddles from Laos! »

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