About me

Animals and especially dogs have always fascinated me, spending time with them rests your soul, brings you wisdom and serenity. Photography has become the reason of my existence, but in a way, I have always had this intense connection with dogs.

Audrey Bellot, dog photographer

Animals have always had a huge place in my heart, I have always found that they had something special and different that made them so innocent, unique and extraordinarily endearing.

So it was this passion for animals that was born first, then came the passion for Art, starting with drawing and continuing with photography. In just a few clicks, I already knew which subject touched my artist’s soul the most. Over the years, dogs have become my favourite muses. Animals and nature form an exceptional harmony in my eyes, it is this unique connection that has made me the photographer I am today.

I live in Auvergne in France, and I carry out sessions for all those who give an important place to their animalsin their hearts, whatever their country. It is with patience and gentleness that I will realize the most beautiful portraits of your dog full of emotions.

Laos, a dog with a heart of gold

I have always wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter, and I will continue to adopt dogs in need.

I adopted Laos in 2018, he was 3 years old. I chose him after a long search in all the dogs I could find for adoption, and it is finally in the shelter of my city that I found my rare pearl: Laos. A tricolor Border Collie with a small black spot in his right eye. Laos is its shelter name, I didn’t change it because I loved it.

He accompanies me almost everywhere during my travels: in the mountains, on the beach or in the forests, he’s totally fulfilled in nature, especially in the water!

He is a dog who has taught me a lot, from his wisdom, his calm and serenity. When he arrived at home, he was hypersensitive, slightly fearful, we didn’t know his past. However, he is a dog that learns very quickly, he knew how to give me his confidence with time and patience.

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