Dogs leave an everlasting mark on our hearts.

I am driven by a heartfelt mission to provide exceptional service that goes beyond mere promises. With a limited number of annual photo sessions, my dedication is to capture the true essence of your treasured dog, going above and beyond your expectations. I deeply understand the significance of these precious memories, which leave an everlasting mark on our hearts. Entrust me with the care of immortalizing the unique bond you share with your dog through a flawless experience.

I am a passionate 26-year-old woman who cherishes dogs and nature above all else. Your interest in learning more about me delights me!

Dog Portrait Photographer

I’m Audrey Bellot, and I’m happy to meet you!

I grew up surrounded by dogs, fostering a deep sensitivity & attachment to animals from a young age. This love for our furry companions naturally intertwined with my passion for Art, starting with drawing and later evolving into photography. Witnessing the exceptional harmony between animals and nature, I find endless possibilities for creative expression.

“When the dog looks at you, the dog is not thinking what kind of a person you are. The dog is not judging you.” – Eckhart Tolle

Laos entered my life in 2018, coinciding with the opening of my photography business. He’s a remarkable Border Collie I adopted from a shelter His affectionate nature is evident in his tendency to give kisses to everyone he meets. Laos accompanies me everywhere, spreading happiness to those he encounters. One of his endearing habits is mimicking attention-seeking by offering his paw.

My ultimate goal is to capture the unique personality of each dog in my photos, taking the time to truly understand them. Based in France, I offer photo shoots that provide dog owners worldwide with poetic memories. Regardless of their origins, character, or age, I approach each portrait with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing your beloved companion in breathtaking settings.

Press & Awards


• My Modern Met

• Demotivateur

• PetaPixel

• Digital Camera World

• Insider

• Bored Panda

• Nikon Mag

• Costal Canine Magazine

• American Photo Awards Open Finalist 2021

• Best Pets Photographer – 35 Awards 2021

• Best of Pets contest – 35 Awards 2021

• Honorable Mentions – Intl. Photography Awards 2020

• Honorable Mentions – Intl. Photography Awards 2021

• Winner Domestic Animals – Refocus Awards Color Photography Contest 2023

• Bronze Award Domestic Animals – Refocus Awards World Photo Annual 2023

Kind Words

« Thanks Audrey! That’s where I have to start. I had the pleasure of doing a photo session with Audrey, and more than just a simple shoot, she invites us to live a real moment of connection with our animal, an experience in its own right. From the location, to the way the session unfolded, to the choice of outfit, Audrey was always present and attentive. She knew how to advise and guide me, while reconciling my wishes. Her kindness, patience, good humor and sense of humor quickly put us at ease. It was with both emotion and a twinkle in my eye that I discovered the images created by Audrey. »

– Gwenaëlle Avet


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I would be absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to meet you and your furry companion for a memorable photo session amidst the beauty of the great outdoors. Additionally, if you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of my refined photographic techniques for effectively showcasing dogs, I offer captivating workshops that will leave you truly inspired.

To learn more about my schedule and to initiate the process of booking either a photoshoot or a workshop, please feel free to contact me at