About me

My name is Audrey Bellot, I am 22 years old and I am from Auvergne, even if I am on the go almost constantly I like to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that we have here.

Photography is much more than my job, it is an escape, a world apart where everything seems fantastic to me. I imagine and create photographs of dogs to the pleasure of owners who love their animals. This is what I wanted to do with my life, I left everything to live from this passion.

Since 2017, I specialized my work in dog photography. I discovered several hundred dogs, all different and unique, each encounter is moving because each has a story. My role is to immortalize these stories sealed in them, to keep their portrait forever in beautiful and emotional portraits.

For many, including me, animals help us every day, they give us without asking, they guide us in difficult times. Animals, especially dogs, are very important and have a real place in the family.

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My dog: Laos

I have always wanted to adopt a dog in a shelter, and I will continue to adopt dogs in need.

I adopted Laos in 2018, he was already 3 years old. I chose him after long research in all the dogs for adoption that I could find, and it is finally in the refuge of my city that I found my pearl: Laos. A tricolor Border Collie with the feature of a small black spot in the right eye. Laos is his basic name, I did not change it because I loved it.

He accompanies me almost everywhere during my travels: in the mountains, at the beach or in the forests, it is completely fulfilled in nature, especially in water!

He is a dog that taught me a lot, from his wisdom, his calm and his serenity. When he arrived home, he was hypersensitive, slightly fearful, we did not know anything about his past. However, he earns very quickly, he knew how to give me his confidence with time and patience.

Wherever he goes, he only thinks of one thing: being petted. He only asks for that (and some optional food too), so almost everyone I meet loves him.

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