About me

Animals and especially dogs have always fascinated me, spending time with them rests your soul, brings you wisdom and serenity. Photography has become the reason of my existence, but in a way, I have always had this intense connection with dogs.

Audrey Bellot, dog photographer in France and in the world.

Animals have always had a big place in my heart, I had the chance to grow up with animals since my childhood. This passion for animals was born first, then came the passion for Art, starting with drawing and continuing with photography. Over the years, dogs became my favourite muses, until they became my speciality in photography. Animals and nature form an exceptional harmony in my eyes, the creative possibilities are endless.

I live in the Auvergne region of France, and I create photo sessions to offer timeless memories to dog owners. With patience and gentleness, I will create the most beautiful portraits of your dog in breathtaking settings.

Laos, a dog with a heart of gold

I always wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter. Laos arrived in 2018, he was already 3 years old. It was in the shelter of my city that I found my rare pearl: Laos. A tricoloured Border Collie with a small black spot in his right eye. He accompanies me almost everywhere during my adventures, whether it’s for work or for holidays! He is a dog that has taught me a lot, from his wisdom, his calm and his serenity.

Publications & Awards

Over the last few years, my photographs have been published in several magazines such as My Modern Met, Demotivateur, PetaPixel or Nikon Mag. Some of them have also won several awards.

  • Best Pets 2020 Photographer – 35 Awards
  • 3 Honorables Mentions – International Photography Awards (IPA)