About the book

What makes this guide special is that it covers both the technical aspect of dog photography and editing on Photoshop. I’ll also talk about understanding how dogs communicate, so you can show their true selves in every picture. But it’s not just technical stuff—this book is about making timeless moments. I’ll give you creative ideas to add feelings and character to your photos, making each one a special memory. This book is filled with examples, tips and tricks to create beautiful and original dog portraits.

Inside this unique book you’ll find:

  • Practical advice on camera settings, lighting, and composition tailored specifically for dog photography
  • Insights into understanding and working with diverse dog temperaments, ensuring every shoot is a success
  • Proven tips for building trust and rapport with dogs, allowing you to capture their true character effortlessly
  • Techniques for post-processing on Photoshop to refine your portraits and make them truly stand out

Download the table of contents here.

« It’s truly high-quality, images are really beautiful, it’s well-organized, and very easy to understand with your multiple illustrated explanations of what to do or not to do, and the expected results. There are plenty of images and step-by-step instructions that make it much easier to understand the paragraph’s explanation. The book is easy to comprehend, very clear, and concise. It suits various levels of proficiency in photography, it brings together the important points and offers reminders of what’s been learned, which is fantastic! As a professional in dog handling, I truly appreciated the section on how to approach a dog; it’s honestly fantastic! I had pre-ordered the book, and I also want to mention that the delivery time was perfectly respected, extremely well-packaged, and accompanied by dog treats – it’s really a delight! »


« I bought both versions that Audrey proposed on her shooting techniques and workflow. Both versions are extremely comprehensive and allow me to edit my photos in a more meticulous way. I learn something new with each edit I make, and I refresh my memory on the tips by rereading them from time to time. It’s truly a book that reignites motivation while learning new techniques and perfecting photos from the moment of capture to the editing process! »


Frequently asked questions

Do you ship the book worldwide?

Yes, I do. I will ship the book with a tracking number and insurance. In the event that it gets lost, I will promptly send a replacement book.

Do you offer dog photography workshops in 2024?

I’m planning exclusive workshops for 2024. Visit my webpage about 2024 dog photography workshops to learn more.