My best dog photos of 2020

A collection of my best dog photos

This year has truly posed its challenges. Among these 5 captivating pictures, an overwhelming majority were captured in France, within the confines of restricted travel. Consequently, my explorations were limited to just one country: Iceland. Despite the constraints, France unfolded its awe-inspiring landscapes, unveiling the profound truth that one need not venture far to encounter remarkable sights and create astonishing visuals.

The Phoenix, a symbol of strength and power

« I deeply believe that everything that happens to us is there for a reason. If the world collapses beneath your feet, if your hopes vanish, if your wings burn in this endless chaos… you have a chance to do something you couldn’t do before: get up. Burn, until there is nothing left. Rest your soul, and rise from your ashes. « 

This photo comes from my series created in Iceland. It was taken at the Skogafoss waterfall. The weather was chaotic that day, but that did not prevent us from making these images. Even in the rain, nothing disturbs Týra, half Icelandic, half Border Collie. I have a special fascination for black dogs, Týra was one of my favorite models on this trip.

Audrey Bellot Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art

The Call of Freedom, capturing the wildest samoyed

« It is in the wildest places, where life hangs by a thread, that I finally feel alive. I let myself be transported in this storm, powerless against your strength, the strength of your howling that calls me, the call of freedom.« 

Torak is a Samoyed of about twelve years old, he did what he wanted for his photo shoot, but it is not something that is supposed to stop a dog photographer. Not all dogs want to stay in one place or do tricks, so I simply gave Torak the space and freedom he needed to show his potential. We photographed most of the images on a frozen lake, the contrast of the forest in the background made Torak stand out perfectly.

Audrey Bellot Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art Workshop Canada

Ocean of Dreams, pastel colors at the beach

Photography is an art made of gold, memories and love. Photography is music of which we know every note, where the emotion crosses first our eyes, then our heart and finally our soul. I have always dreamed of a photo on the beach at sunset. The swell leaving this reflection sublimated by the colors pink and blue, I take advantage of the last light of day to immortalize Polaaris, young Yakoutian Laika.

It was our inaugural time organizing a workshop at the beach, and the sheer delight of a perfectly clear weather engulfed us that day. As the clock struck 8:48 pm, our eager lenses captured this incredible snapshot where the majestic sun had just dipped below the horizon. The tranquil atmosphere painted the surroundings in increasingly soft and dreamlike pastel hues, rendering the moment even more enchanting.

Audrey Bellot Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art

Purple Waves, taken in the lavender fields of france

Usually, when I go somewhere for a shoot, I already have something in mind, even if I let the present moment transport me through my new ideas that spill over. Minutes go by and the light becomes softer and so wonderfully warm. And even if I go back to the same places, at the same time, there will always be that unique moment, that unique dog and that desire to do better. I would now like to introduce Ohana, a wonderful Golden Retriever who posed for my Special Lavender Workshop in Valensole, France. What better than a dog with a golden coat to complement the silky color of lavender?

Audrey Bellot Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art

In the Clouds, a reflection of my dog’s personality

This morning I decided to go back to that lake. I thought I had already done everything there, but I tried to make some pictures of Laos, my little dog. I asked him to do some poses, but nothing good on the camera. I let him play with the water, he is passionate about fish ! At this time of the year, you can’t find anything moving in the water. But he always looks inside. Then a ray of light appears through the dark clouds, the water starts to be more interesting for my camera and me ! It’s amazing how a place can be full of possibilities, even if you go there millions of times.

This picture shows the character of Laos. Near the water, lost in his thoughts, head in the clouds, dreaming of catching a fish one day in his life. It is rare that the « face » of a dog is not visible in my photos, but here I think it adds mystery to the already disturbing scene, between heaven and earth.

Audrey Bellot Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art

I sincerely believe that dogs bring a lot to our daily life: love, happiness, security, and much more. I like to show in my photos the authentic expressions of dogs in an extraordinary natural setting. It is important to understand how dogs express their emotions in order to obtain captivating portraits, each dog is unique and so is his character. In my photographs, I often choose combinations of places/dogs that perfectly match the colors and atmosphere. It is with these images that I also want to show the world how wonderful and majestic dogs are.

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