Your dog photo session

Let’s create their best portraits

Both you and I believe that dogs are special beings. For many years, I have been photographing dogs in exceptional settings to capture their natural beauty in an artistic way. For your session, we will choose together the place and take the time to create these precious images which will remain forever engraved. The duration of the session varies according to the conditions and your animal, we will work without constraints with your dog to spend a pleasant moment in patience and softness. I only accept a few shoots per month so that I can devote a lot of time to my clients, their dogs and, of course, to the photos taken. Please contact me at least 3 months in advance to book your session with me.


Lieselotte Claesens

How it works

The process of my photo sessions

Before the photo session, we will discuss together your vision of this moment, a first contact by email or phone is necessary to discuss about your dog and your wishes before we work together. My photo sessions are all done outdoors, in the morning or in the evening when the natural light is softer to highlight the splendor of the environment. Thanks to my many years of experience, I will be able to guide you during the session. I will take the time to explain the steps to put your dog at ease in order to get his cooperation without pressure.


Get in touch

To book your photo shoot, please contact me using the contact page. After a first call, I will send you a questionnaire about your dog to learn more about your beloved pet. You will also receive my detailed guide to the services so that you can have a better idea of how a session will work and how much the products in the collection cost.


Your experience

Your individual photo session is tailor-made and includes a 90 minutes session outdoor. It is possible for me to travel to your place as well as photographing more than one dog. After the session, you will receive a selection of slightly edited images and will be invited to create your collection of digital and physical products which are sold separately.



Depending on your choice of collection, I will edit your selected number of images in my style and send you the final gallery. Your products will be sent within 2 weeks after I have completed the editing process. I edit each photo individually for a perfect result, I will highlight every detail to complement your dog and the environment.


Lucile Roussel


I had the pleasure of doing a photo session with Audrey and more than a simple shooting, she invites us to live a real moment of connection with our animal, an experience in itself. From the location, to the course of the session, to the choice of the outfit, Audrey was present and attentive. Her kindness, her patience, her good mood and her humour quickly put us at ease . It is both moved and my eyes shining a little that I discovered the images created by Audrey. A thousand thanks again for this moment at your side and for these incredible memories you leave me. I’m off to cover the walls of the house with your wonders.

Gwenaëlle Avet

It was with great happiness (and tears in my eyes) that I discovered the photos taken by Audrey. Audrey knows how to put people at ease. Having a session with Audrey is not just about getting photos, it’s also about spending a few hours in very good company. Sincerely, it’s the first time that my dogs took a real pleasure to pose, without forcing, they also had a great time. And what a joy to keep this memory: everyone was at ease, everyone was serene. Of course, this is reflected in the photos. A great professionalism, and a wonderful result.

Abigaëlle Legrand

Audrey is an Artist. Her images are magnificent. What more can I say? We did a session with our 3 dogs. We have just ordered photos again, so difficult to choose among all the pictures taken. The animals are forever magnified. Thank you Audrey.

Michel Guerand

As a stressed and exigent person, I hesitated for a long time before choosing the person who would photograph my dogs.
And then, I told myself that this was the right opportunity… I didn’t imagine I could benefit so much during a shooting and these few hours shared. Not only are the photos beautiful, but we had a great time with respect, patience and artistic research.
I wanted an exceptional photoshoot on all levels and I got it! I loved everything about Audrey’s way of being and working.

Caroline Valkenberg

I discovered Audrey’s photos via Instagram and immediately fell in love. I was lucky enough to win a photo shoot with her. What can I say? The quality of her work is exceptional. Audrey is a lovely person, with unlimited kindness and patience. She puts both humans and dogs at ease and adapts to them. There is no doubt that the session we did will not be the last! Thank you for everything Audrey.

Lucile Roussel

Travel for photo shoots

Meet me on one of my travels

You can see below my next availabilities in France and Europe for portrait sessions with your dog. Subscribe to my Newsletter to be informed of the future availabilities for my next photo sessions.

Valensole (France)

1-7 July 2023

Cette année encore, je vais à Valensole pour ses champs de lavande uniques au monde pour réaliser des séances photos avec vous et votre chien. Afin d’accorder le plus de temps possible à mes clients, je n’ouvre que 2 créneaux horaires ! Le cadre de Valensole vous apaisera, car malgré le tourisme dense à cette période, je saurai vous emmener dans des endroits calmes afin que votre chien ne soit pas distrait.

Inclus dans la séance photo :

  • 1h30 de shooting photo au lever/coucher du soleil dans l’un des plus beaux champs de lavande
  • 3 images digitales retouchées professionnellement
  • Une galerie en ligne pour choisir vos portraits 
  • Une boutique en ligne pour choisir vos tirages photos

Créneaux horaires restants : 0/2 | Investissement : 675€

Belgique & Pays-Bas

15-18 Août 2023

Les splendides champs de bruyères sont en fleurs en Belgique et aux Pays-Bas. C’est l’occasion unique de vous offrir une séance photo avec votre chien. Je connais de multiples endroits à l’ouest de la belgique et en hollande pour profiter de la bruyère.

Inclus dans la séance photo :

  • 1h30 de shooting photo au lever/coucher du soleil dans l’un des plus beaux champs de lavande
  • 3 images digitales retouchées professionnellement
  • Une galerie en ligne pour choisir vos portraits 
  • Une boutique en ligne pour choisir vos tirages photos

Créneaux horaires restants : 1/2 | Investissement : 675€


September 5-13, 2023

The photo shoot will take place in Iceland’s spectacular scenery including majestic waterfalls, glaciers, dramatic mountains and black sand beaches.

Included in the photo shoot:

  • Up to 10 hours of photo shoot at different locations (you must have your vehicle)
  • 10 professionally retouched digital images
  • An online gallery to choose your portraits
  • An online store to choose your photo prints

Remaining time slots: 1/2 | Investment: 1900€