About the workshop

I’m Audrey Bellot, a dog portrait photographer based in Europe, and I’m happy to see that you are interested in a workshop in Norway!

While this workshop promises an immersive dive into new knowledge and experiences, it also ensures ample time to savor nature as it deserves. You’ll not only capture stunning images of dogs but also delve into the art of dog photography through a comprehensive program, including a theory class, multiple photo sessions, and editing lessons. During this workshop, I would like to share with you my passion for dog photography, and take you on the most beautiful adventure. In order to offer individual attention and answer everyone’s questions, the number of participants is extremely limited.


  • Date: September 20 – September 22, 2024
  • Location: Bodø, Norway
  • Participants: 6 maximum (sold out)
  • Price: 1200€ (payment plan available)
  • Level of experience: amateur to experienced photographers
  • Physical level: moderate
  • Equipment suggestions: DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Recommended lenses: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm, 200mm. Laptop with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop 2024 installed is mandatory for our editing sessions.



Friday, September 20

9h – 13h: Theory of dog portraiture

13h – 15h: Lunch break

16h – 19h: Organized photo session


Saturday, September 21

9h – 13h: Editing course on Photoshop

13h – 15h: Lunch break

16h – 19h: Organized photo session


Sunday, September 22

6h – 8h: Organized photo session

10h – 13h: Longer lunch break

13h – 16h: Editing course on Photoshop

Workshop highlights

Participating in a dog photography workshop in Norway promises a unique blend of natural beauty, and the joy of capturing remarkable moments with dogs in a truly extraordinary setting.


  • Scenic Backdrops: I will guide you capturing stunning dog portraits against the picturesque landscapes of Norway. Create lasting memories while honing your skills in a unique and beautiful setting, ensuring an unforgettable dog photography workshop.
  • Creative Techniques: Learn efficient and creative dog photography techniques to make your shots stand out.
  • Practical Sessions: Engage in hands-on sessions with beautiful dog models, applying the learned techniques in a practical setting.
  • Individual Guidance: Benefit from personalized guidance and feedback, enhancing your skills and addressing specific queries.
  • Post-Processing Guidance: Receive guidance on post-processing techniques to enhance your dog photography during editing sessions.

What will be taught?


You will undergo comprehensive familiarization with camera equipment, lenses, and accessories suitable for different situations in dog photography. Additionally, you will learn techniques and adjustments to optimize camera settings for capturing dog photos in various shooting conditions.

Composition techniques

The workshop covers composition principles essential for crafting visually appealing and dynamic dog photographs. I will demonstrate how to use natural light efficiently for outdoor shoots and provide insights into choosing and evaluating color schemes for visually appealing dog portraits.

Working with dogs

Understanding dog behavior and body language is one of the most important aspects of dog photography, enabling you to capture authentic expressions and moments. You will learn how to identify the best expressions and poses of dogs according to the story you want to convey.


During the workshop, my aim is to guide you in uncovering your distinctive voice in dog photography, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or seasoned photographer. You’ll learn to craft images that convey compelling messages and evoke emotional responses from your audience.

Location scouting

The choice of a backdrop can significantly impact the narrative and aesthetic of a photograph. You will discover how to seek out environments that complement the canine subject, considering factors such as lighting, textures, and colors to enhance the overall composition of your images.


The workshop will encompass both basic and advanced post-processing techniques. You will gain insights into shaping light, shadow, and contrast, correcting color reflections on a dog’s coat, enhancing scenery colors, and mastering advanced masking techniques.

Book your spot now

Deposit of 400€

Due to book your spot for the workshop.

2nd payment of 800€

Due 90 days before the workshop starts (This payment can be split into 2 installments).


By booking your spot, you agree with the terms.


3-day photography workshop

4-hour dog portraiture theory

3 organized photo sessions

2 editing classes

175-page Dog Portrait Guide



All flights & transportation



Travel insurance

Photo equipment

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