Your personal coaching

During this training, you will be individually accompanied to learn how I make my natural, captivating and artistic dog portraits. My workshops are not only about the techniques of shooting and post-processing, you will also learn my philosophical approach to dog photography.


How does the training take place?

You will have the choice between several possibilities for your private training.

During my coachings, I explain how to organise a session, how to get the best out of your model with attention to detail, put the animal at ease and guide the owner, understand the composition and its effects by varying shooting angles, how to use natural light to your advantage, and much more. We will spend time photographing dogs at the chosen locations, I will accompany you in your shootings in order to give you a maximum of advices to evolve.

During the post-processing of the taken images, I will show you my complete workflow on Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop, we will also retouch your images together, I will help you to overcome your difficulties.

Individual workshops are tailored to your needs, you can also get detailed feedback on your portfolio. The training courses take place all year round, during the week or on weekends, they can also be organized abroad, in your region. It is possible to organize training in small groups.

"Learning never exhausts the mind"

Leonardo da Vinci

Mentoring opportunities.

Learn, create.

You can choose between several mentoring offers, it is also possible to conduct online coaching. Please contact me for more information.

2 hours


This shorter coaching session will allow you to get advice on your shooting. During this coaching session, I will guide you in a photo session of your choice.

Included :
– Photo session with complete advice and new images for your portfolio


6 hours

Advanced course

During this coaching, you will learn the theory on dog photography before a photo session together.

Included :
– Theory about dog photography or post-processing (your choice)
– Photo session with complete guidance

Online post-processing supplement possible (+ 145,00€)


12 hours

The complete course

You want to be guided entirely from theory to post-processing of the images taken during the photo shoot?

Included :
– Review and reflections on your work
– Theory about dog photography
– Photo session with complete guidance
– My workflow for post-processing and editing your photos
– Another topic at your request
– My dog photography book



The online course

This coaching is dedicated to post-processing on Lightroom and Photoshop. The online sessions take place via the Zoom platform for about 2 hours.

Included :
– My post-processing workflow
– Shooting advices


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