Every dog comes into our lives to teach us something.


Audrey Bellot works all over the world as a photographer for dog owners. Inspired by nature, she captures with gentleness and sensitivity authentic and captivating dog portraits.

Your photo session


There is nothing more beautiful for me than to capture the soul of the dogs I meet, no matter their origins. Offer yourself to timeless, delicate and emotional memories of your dog during a photo session in a poetic and harmonious setting.




Workshops are held all over the world for all those who wish to expand their knowledge of creative dog photography. I will share with you my vision of dog photography over several days in exceptional settings.


Individual coaching


During this custom designed training, you will learn first hand how I create my natural and captivating dog portraits. My workshops are not only about technique, I will also share with you my philosophical approach to photography.


Fine Art Prints


Decorate your home with locally printed photographs on high quality Fine Art paper. You will have a choice of sizes and media to suit your desires and preferences. Visit my online store to see the available images.