Learn dog photography

Take your photography skills to a higher level through professional and individual advice: workshops are available for amateur and professional photographers. You can take advantage of private training to learn dog photography at any time of the year. Group workshops are also organized in France and abroad.

Group workshop

Group workshop

Take advantage of a unique experience during a group workshop, training over two days to learn photography.

Private workshop

Private workshop

Take advantage of a unique and personalized experience during a private workshop, training over two days to learn photography.

Online coaching

Online coaching

During an online coaching, you will learn my image editing techniques on Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Some reviews from my participants


“I had a private post-production tutoring class with Audrey yesterday, and it was amazing. She is a great artist and teacher. Audrey has a clear voice and vision for her art and is very versed in Photoshop and Lightroom.

The two hour lesson was so concentrated that it will take me a month to digest everything she covered in her process of taking an out of camera image to final. She is a great communicator, passionate, very good at explaining her process and this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY. I feel very lucky to have had this time with you!”


“Wanting to progress in the art of dog photography, I took 2 hours of post-processing coaching with the one I consider the best French dog portrait photographer. Audrey is very pedagogue and explains the techniques she uses in her photos very well and has answered all my questions. I highly recommend this online coaching and I have already planned to do one of her workshops in 2020.”


“Audrey is a photographer full of talent; she takes the time to see what each of the participants is doing and to explain what works and what doesn’t… She has an extraordinary eye for setting the scene, she is patient and gentle with dogs, she teaches you all these little things that will make you a better photographer and that you don’t necessarily think of at the beginning. I looked forward to this day, I really had a great day with someone adorable, humorous, and learned a lot!”


“I discovered a real passion for dog photography, portrait and action. Her training is complete, well explained. Audrey puts everything in place for a good organization with a good mood! She is a lovely person and above all very human, I had 2 great trainings with her. It is thanks to her that I regained a real taste in my dog shootings. So whatever your level, you want to learn or improve your dog photography level, several training choices are available to you!”



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