Workshop with Ria Putzker and Audrey Bellot

I got to know Ria Putzker through social media and I have always admired her work. This year we decided to organize a dog photography workshop together for the first time. It was a very great experience!

Dog photography workshop

For those who do not know the meaning of Workshop, it is simply a training where we can learn about a specific field, as far as we are concerned: dog photography. Our workshop took place over two full days in Fontainebleau and Paris with 9 participants, beginners, amateurs and professionals.

Ria Putzker has been a professional photographer since 2017 but has been photographing dogs for many years. She has her own style and knows many techniques both in shooting and in image processing. She is located in Vienna, Austria.

canine photography workshop dog photographer Ria Putzker Audrey Bellot
dog photography workshop Paris Ria Putzker Audrey Bellot Canine Photographers
canine photographer france canine photography dogs artistic audrey bellot dog photographer auvergne animal portrait workshop training animals

Our workshop

It was my very first workshop over two days and the last one of 2019. As always, we started with a theoretical part where we shared the themes with Ria, then we went to the forest of Fontainebleau to realize the first shooting of the practical part!

dog photography workshop in Paris with Ria Putzker Audrey Bellot Dog photographers

For the shootings we selected several models of all breeds, colors and sizes. It was important for us to have a great diversity of dogs for the participants, because the work is never the same depending on each one, although they all ask for one thing: their treats!

Here are some results from this first part:

Margot Guillet photographe canin France Husky Automne Paris Fontainebleau
Camille Dablin photographie canine workshop photo chien Paris Fontainebleau

The next morning, we had another practical shoot, but this time in the heart of Paris: at the Louvre Museum and the Royal Palace. We had new models, all as beautiful as each other. Here are some results from our participants:

Aurélie Chaurais photographe canin France photographie canine artistique workshop ria putzker audrey bellot
Margot Guillet photographe canin France Husky Automne Paris Fontainebleau

After this last shoot, it’s time for us to go back to the venue in order to edit these photos. We showed with Ria our ways of retouching our photos, also taken during this workshop, on Lightroom and Photoshop. Here are some results of photographs we took this weekend:

dog photography workshop Audrey Bellot Ria Putzker Paris Fontainebleau
dog photography workshop Paris Ria Putzker Audrey Bellot Canine Photographers
Audrey Bellot Canine Photographer France Workshop Canine Photography Ria Putzker Paris France
Ria Putzker canine photographer workshop canine photography dog photo internship Paris France

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