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3 inspiring animal photographers

Today, I'd like to introduce you to three animal photographers you should know. This long period of time has given me a lot to think about. To take time to breathe, to think and to look around. So during that time, I also decided to write this article to introduce...

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Animal Photographers

Photography workshop with Ria Putzker

I got to know Ria Putzker through social media and I have always admired her work. This year we decided to organize a dog photography workshop together for the first time. It was a very great experience!

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workshop photographie de chien Paris Ria Putzker Audrey Bellot Photographes Canins

My first shelter dog

When I started taking dog photos, I never thought of having my own dog. I think it's like everything, you have to feel ready. When I got 21, I decided to adopt a shelter dog. Yes, but why in a refuge? Here's the reason.

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séance photos chiens photographe canin professionnel photographie canin Auvergne France Allier Puy de Dôme Workshop Stage Photo Chien

Dog Photography Workshop

During a workshop you will have the opportunity to learn photography, here in a specific field: dog photography. It can be individual or groups. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you can participate to a workshop.

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photographie canine photographe animalier chien loup tchecoslovaque
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Audrey Bellot Photographie Photographe Canin France Auvergne Puy de Dôme Allier Workshop Photographie Canine

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