My 5 favorite dog photos of 2021
8 March 2022

My dog photographs of 2021

This year I was able to reconnect a little more with what I loved: the forest. I hadn’t photographed much last year, and I missed it. The varied light ambiances between the trees, the crunch of the wind between the branches, the soft moss carpets,… This year 2021 was largely animated by the dog photography workshops again, but also many photo sessions with fantastic masters and their dogs that I thank for their trust. In this new year 2022, the momentum continues with new formulas of photo sessions, more workshops in France, especially in Biscarrosse, Normandy and Paris, but also in Sweden, Germany and Belgium for Europe. I can’t wait to make you discover my world!


Sometimes I think it’s also a good thing to post simple photos. I was stuck thinking about what I should post that day, after 2 empty months. I love the atmosphere of this place where I took these photos for my dear friend @wildtravelpaws and her young dog Hope. I hope you enjoy this simple but lovely image as well. This picture was taken in the Fagnes in Belgium. There are many forests all equally beautiful in this area. I was so happy that the light was so beautiful that day to photograph Hope and the rest of Florence’s family.

My top 5 dog photos of 2021 Audrey Bellot Photography


The autumn is timidly making its appearance in my region in Auvergne. We had a beautiful sunrise session in September with Cannelle, a very small Border Collie. We planned the session at this time to capture the mist floating over the water. I especially love these sessions where the dog plays around for the photos. Cinnamon loves the water, so naturally she trots to the lake to catch the few pebbles we throw. This was the first time I photographed at this pond which is not so far from my home. The place seemed maybe too ordinary at first. Eventually, it became one of my favorite places because we are there in the quiet, in the middle of nature, in the middle of the forest. What could be better?

My top 5 dog photos of 2021 Audrey Bellot Photography


It’s been a long time since I shared a photo of Laos that I really love. At the beginning of 2021, we traveled a lot together and discovered new places nearby. This year, I was looking for those beautiful flowers: the daffodils. We were driving in my favorite region in Auvergne and by chance we found this wonderful field of flowers as far as the eye could see. We waited for the sun to set on the plains to enjoy the beautiful golden light that was coming through the clouds. Laos was lying down, watching in the distance a photographer who was also going to enjoy the landscape to take some shots.

My top 5 dog photos of 2021 Audrey Bellot Photography


While visiting Belgium, I met the wonderful basenjis @lucidandlina for an amazing photo shoot inside this unique labyrinth. I love the way Lina matches the colors of the walls, I’m glad her owner, Nathalie, chose this location for her photo shoot. To achieve this pose, Lina had to stay on her owner’s back to be at the right height because the wall was high. It is with a little patience that we succeeded in making her climb quietly, because an uncomfortable dog is never pretty to see in picture!

My top 5 dog photos of 2021 Audrey Bellot Photography


This picture was also taken in the Fagnes in Belgium where I will be giving a workshop in 2022. I was there for a private coaching with two Flemish photographers. We had a few models, including Troy, a young Border Collie of a few months old in this picture. He had a very particular color, not so obvious to highlight in this dark setting. Fortunately, the light was once again splendid that day, so we were able to take advantage of it all along the coaching. The place is really quiet, there are sometimes some riders passing by on the paths. It took us a few minutes to get the right pose from Troy, the stump wasn’t that wide, he was really generous and we were confident that he would get it right.

My top 5 dog photos of 2021 Audrey Bellot Photography


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