Dog Photography Book

In this book, I would like to share with you my best tips for making beautiful dog portraits in great detail.



After photographing dogs for many years, I have learned a lot. Whether it’s the dogs themselves, but also photographing them in their natural environment. This combination of elements creates an image filled with emotion, one that is willing to transport the viewer into their own world without adding a single word. Dog photography drives me every day and in this book, I wish to share with you this boundless love for it.


180 pages

full of dog photography tips for amazing  dog portraits and incredible action shots.


9 chapters

from shooting techniques to a complete and detailed Photoshop editing workflow.


Hundreds of tips

to learn and create amazing and eye-catching dog pictures from start to finish.

Topics covered in the first 8 chapters

  • How to choose your equipment
  • Settings I use for different situations
  • How to create high quality images
  • How to prepare for a photoshoot
  • How to choose a location for a session
  • How to photograph several dogs together
  • How to photograph puppies
  • How to photograph dogs and their owners
  • Posing dogs: expressions, body language
  • How to create meaningful compositions
  • How to use colour harmonies
  • How to use natural and artificial light
  • How to create emotion
  • Tips for beautiful portraits 

Topics covered in the editing chapter

  • How to import and sort your photos
  • How to edit non-destructively
  • Editing in Camera Raw 2021
  • How to retouch easy and difficult colour casts
  • How to enhance different types of eyes
  • How to select dog’s hair step-by-tep
  • How to enhance details on the subject
  • How to shape the light
  • How to add depth to your subject
  • How to change colours
  • How to remove elements from the photo
  • How to Dodge & Burn (2 methods)
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Additional editing techniques