19/20 August 2023

8 participants

About the workshop

During this photo workshop, I aim to create a different learning experience by sharing my years of dog photography knowledge with you, but also to give you the opportunity to capture beautiful dog photos during organized and guided photo sessions. There will be a nice variety of dog models of different breeds, colors, sizes and personalities. We will learn how to work with their owners in a natural setting with patience and artistic research at the same time. By the end of this workshop, I want you to be able to create quality and meaningful images through a detailed theory lesson, two guided photo sessions and a Photoshop post-processing class.

Price for two days: 690€

A deposit of 300 euros is required at the time of registration. The final balance of 390 euros must be paid at the latest 30 days before the workshop date to confirm participation. After each payment you will receive an invoice.

Payments are not refundable as places are limited. In case of non-payment of the balance before the scheduled date, your participation will be cancelled without refund of the deposit.

Click the button below to book your spot.

Included in the price

  • A 2-day course with Audrey Bellot
  • Canine photography theory course
  • On-site photography course
  • Photoshop post-processing course
  • Refreshments
  • Dog Photography Book (value 300€)

Excluded from the price

  • Nights and meals
  • Travel insurance
  • Transportation during the workshop
  • Photo equipment


Events op de Veluwe – Harremaatweg 34, 3781 NJ Voorthuizen


The workshop runs from Saturday morning, August 19 to Sunday afternoon, August 20.


This workshop is for amateur and professional photographers.

Program of the Workshop

Saturday 19 August

Theory lesson: 12h30 – 16h30

We will start the day with a complete theoretical lesson where I will share with you my vision of dog photography in detail. Take advantage of this time to ask your questions on the subjects that interest you.

  • Choice of cameras and lenses for different situations
  • Controlling exposure, autofocus and image quality
  • How to work with dogs: preparation and directing the session
  • Shooting techniques for dog portraits
  • How to understand the dog's expression, study of body language
  • How and why the dog's attitude changes the image
  • How to use natural and artificial light
  • How to give depth to your portraits

1st practical class: 17h00 – 20h30

Our first session will take place in nature. Recommended equipment: DSLR or hybrid camera. Lenses: 85mm, 105mm, 135mm or 70-200mm.

  • Study of the environment and light
  • Find the best spot for the pictures
  • How to set your camera for the best result
  • Work on the composition to give interest to the subject
  • Working with tricks and natural poses
  • Photo review and individual advice

Sunday 20 August

Editing course: 12h30 – 16h30

First, we will review your photos taken during the previous day’s session. I will highlight the positive points concerning your evolution as well as the points to improve for the next photo session. I will then share with you my complete Photoshop workflow.

Recommended equipment: Laptop + Lightroom and Photoshop 2023.

  • How to import and select photos from a session
  • Basic knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera Raw
  • Using masks and dynamic objects
  • Control of the image quality by initial settings
  • How to make an accurate selection of the dog's hair
  • How to beautify eyes and hair
  • How to harmonize the image through masking
  • How to quickly create and use the "Dodge & Burn" process
  • How to save your photos for printing and the web

2nd practical class: 17h00 – 20h30

We will end the day with a second guided photo session with different models. The purpose of this session is to apply the points seen previously and to refine your techniques again under my guidance.

Meet the teacher: Audrey Bellot

Audrey, a 25 year old French dog photographer, works all over the world to capture the simple and beautiful moments of the dogs and their owners she meets. She seeks to capture dogs with gentleness and sensitivity, surrounding them with the beauty of the landscape. Audrey has specialized in dog photography since 2018 and leads photography workshops in France and around the world. She offers mentoring sessions for photographers, as well as private photo sessions for dog owners. Audrey has been published in many media and magazines such as My Modern Met, Demotivateur, PetaPixel, Digital Camera World, Insider, Nikon Mag and has also won awards in international competitions.

Questions & Answers

What is the license to use the photos?

The photos taken during the workshop can be used on your website, your social networks and for your communication in general. You can also print them and sell them. If possible, the mention “taken during the workshop with Audrey Bellot” is always welcome.

It is forbidden to use the photos taken during the workshop to advertise your own workshops.


What is the photography guide?

The Photography Guide includes all the theory and post-processing with a complete and detailed Photoshop workflow. This book of about 190 pages printed on high quality paper will offer you more tips on topics that I sometimes don’t have time to cover during a mentorship. This guide is sold separately for 290€.

Can I come with my dog?

During the workshop it is better to come without your dog because we will have very specific models. If your dog is a model for the workshop, it is imperative that someone close to you takes care of it and knows how to handle it properly.

How to book this workshop?

To book your place, please use the form above. If you don’t have a credit card, please contact me with your details and send the deposit to this bank account.

If I have to cancel, can I request a refund?

As places are limited, refunds are only possible within the legal time limit of 14 days. After this period, no refunds can be made. In case of force-majeur, please send me a certificate or a proof and I will proceed to the refund*. You’ll receice an invoice for every payments. 

*Less any transaction costs.