Individual coaching


New perspectives & adventures

Need to see something different? New images for your portfolio? Each personal coaching is tailored to your wishes and needs. Of course, I adapt to your level of photography in order to give you precise advice. During a private coaching, you will be able to ask me all the questions you might have. I will share with you my experience in dog photography, from preparing a session with an owner and his dog, how to capture and create emotion in your images, to my post-processing workflow on Photoshop. 


options to choose from

What you can learn during individual coaching




I will share my knowledge about my vision of dog photography. We will talk about basic topics such as the parameters I use for different situations, contrast, composition and light. I will explain how to create emotion in your photographs, what postures and expressions I look for during my sessions.


Photo sessions


During our outdoor shoots, I will take the time to accompany you during your shots. We will see together how to guide the owner to get the best out of our subject, how to use natural light and make specific composition choices to create visually appealing images.


Image post-processing


I will explain my complete Photoshop workflow and show you the following things: importing photos, sorting and selecting, basic adjustments (colors, contrasts), creating the dog’s selection, improving details, tone processing, dodge and burn, exporting for print and web…

These mentoring sessions and the shared topics will be tailored to your level of experience.


In-person mentoring opportunities



2 hours


The price includes a two-hour photo session with several selected canine models. During this coaching session, you will be fully accompanied. You will get individual and complete advice on your shoot.





5 hours


This package can include two modules of your choice between those proposed above. You can enjoy a theory lesson followed by a photo session, or a session followed by a post-processing course.





7 hours


This coaching includes an introductory theoretical part followed by a three-hour photo session with several selected models and individual advice. After the photo shoot, we will edit the photos together.




Online mentoring opportunities



1 hour


During this coaching session, we will have time to discuss a topic of your choice or to retouch one of your photos in Photoshop.

A video recording of the coaching session is included.





2 hours


You can choose one or two subjects of your choice or I can show you my post-processing techniques on one to two images.

Video recording of the coaching session is included.





3 hours


We will have time for two to three subjects of your choice or retouch several photos during this 3-hour online coaching session.

Video recording of the coaching session is included.




What they thought of their mentoring

“A beautiful meeting with an accomplished professional. She knew how to adapt to my needs, to be reactive to last minute constraints, to show patience, adaptability towards everyone (canine models, their masters & me) and total mastery of her subject. I learned a lot at her side. The most : she remains available afterwards to complete this beautiful experience. A passionate professional and a great investment to make! I also received her book very well done and very complementary to this face-to-face training, as well as her online courses regularly completed to continue to deepen the knowledge and acquire beautiful skills over time.”

“I participated in the Valensole Workshop in July 2021, a great evening spent with this young, talented and dynamic photographer, Audrey Bellot, who helped me learn a lot about dog photography! I recommend her 100%! And thanks to Audrey I now have beautiful pictures as a souvenir of our dogs! Audrey is a lovely person who takes the time to explain and her online coaching was just perfect. I would definitely recommend her!”

“It took me 11 years of self-taught photography to get past the workshop. Well, I think I couldn’t find a better way, especially for this canine specification. In addition to being overflowing with talent, Audrey masters her discipline, exudes calmness and humility under the cover of a sharp pedagogy that is attentive to our needs and questions. I can only recommend to others to use her services, 200% satisfaction guaranteed.”

“I was able to participate in a workshop in January 2020. I was able to learn how to manage and apprehend a dog shoot from start to finish, to improve my shots, to know how to highlight the dog in different types of environments. And all this in beautiful locations that she knew how to select wonderfully! For the post-processing, I didn’t know anything about photoshop and she was able to be patient to explain it all to me. With these two days, I made huge progress and I never thought I would get to this point.”

Sarah M. Photographie

“A talented young photographer. If you are a photographer and you want to improve your skills in the field of wildlife photography, then the Workshop is for you. In one day, you will learn a lot of things with her, which will allow you to learn new techniques and improve your shots… Shooting or Workshop, you will have a great time with a lovely person, full of humour and animal lover!”

Corinne RD Photographie

“I had been following Audrey’s work for a while, hoping one day to attend a workshop with her. Since February 2021, it’s done! Audrey is really passionate about her work and transmits her know-how with professionalism and kindness. She does not hesitate to answer all our questions and also gives some tips. After this day between theory and practice, we finished our workshop with the retouching module on Lightroom and Photoshop. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, Audrey adapts to your level. To sum up, I can only recommend Audrey’s training courses which have taught me a lot and allowed me to evolve in my work.”

Anaïs Gabard

Frequently asked questions


For each offer it is possible to add supplements:

  • Post-processing online course: 175,00€
  • My complete guide: 200,00€
  • Travelling expenses: 0,30€/km

Where do the mentorships take place?

Anywhere in France and abroad. Most of the courses take place at my home in the Auvergne.

When and how to book?

Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can carry out your training as soon as possible. The waiting time is about 1 month minimum. To book, simply send me a message via the contact form on my website.

Small groups

It is possible to organise coaching in small groups of 2 to 5 people. You can benefit from a special price depending on the number of people attending the workshop and the geographical area chosen.

Is a summary guide provided?

My complete guide to dog photography is included in the 5 and 7 hour packages. It is a book presenting all my shooting and post-processing techniques in detail. It is available to order separately but is also included in some mentoring packages.

What to do in case of bad weather?

If the weather is very bad on the day of your training, it will be postponed to a later date free of charge.