Private dog portrait photography coaching

Need to see something different? New images for your portfolio? Each personal coaching is adapted to your wishes and needs. Of course, I adapt to your level of photography in order to give you precise advice. During a private coaching, you can ask me any questions you want. I will share with you my experience in dog photography, from the preparation of a session with a dog to my post-processing on Photoshop.


Before the coaching, we will discuss your level, your strengths and weaknesses. A questionnaire regarding your experience in photography in general will be sent to you before any booking. My photo coaching sessions are all held outdoors, with times varying according to the season and the time you wish to spend with me. Thanks to my many years of experience, I will be able to guide you during the photo session where I will give you my best advice so that you can understand the process of making dog portraits. After your coaching, you will probably have questions that you didn’t think of on the day of the class, but I am always here to help you, whether online or in person.

Online session

The session will be an informal two-hour discussion, during which we will cover the aspects you are struggling with the most, but not only. The session will be recorded so that you don’t forget anything.


Here are some of the topics we can address during your coaching:

  • Working with dogs
  • Body language
  • Equipment and settings for dog portraits
  • Workflow & preparation for a photo session
  • Composing a portrait
  • Working with natural light
  • Photoshop and/or Lightroom editing course


From 145€ VAT excl.

In person session

This experience will be an intensive mentoring session set outdoor. We will shoot a beautiful variety of dogs in natural light and I will guide you throughout my creative process.


Here are some of the topics we can address during your coaching:

  • Theoretical lesson about dog photography
  • Outdoor photo sessions with dog models
  • Finding the perfect light and place to shoot
  • Creating emotional and authentic shots of dogs
  • Personal guidance during the shoot
  • Review and feedback on photos taken
  • Photoshop and/or Lightroom editing course


From 295€ VAT excl.

I attended the Stockholm workshop on September 10-11, 2022 organized by Tuss and given by Audrey, and it was GREAT! Our group consisted of 9 students and Tuss opened their house to us so Audrey could do the theory parts. The two days were divided into two parts, the theory and the shoot. The theory and the shooting were very instructive and interesting. We had models of very different breeds, but appropriate for the two shooting locations. Audrey has great didactic skills, she can explain things clearly, calmly and in an interesting way. I especially liked that she invited everyone not to be shy about asking questions during the theory and asking for help and feedback during the shoots. The workshop days were packed, about 12 hours a day, but they went by so fast! I learned so much and had so much fun!

Marieke Hoeijmakers

I participated in Audrey’s workshop in Baie de Somme. In addition to meeting great people, it was a really great course! I learned a lot, it allowed me to practice on different models and the place was beautiful. Audrey is very pedagogical, in a good mood and doesn’t hesitate to show us exactly how to do it so that it’s perfect, the retouching part is also great, the recording of the session allows you to do everything at home at your own pace, and the theoretical part is very well explained. I left the training with great memories and I have all the tools in hand to take great dog pictures.

– Anna Schaeffer

I attended the workshop in Sweden wanting to improve my technique and confidence in making great dog portraits. I found Audrey’s presentation easy to follow, insightful and extremely helpful. The practical exercises were excellent, with different types of dogs and locations. Audrey ensured that each participant had their own time and made sure that everyone got great photos and benefited from her vast knowledge. I would recommend this course and would consider taking another with Audrey in the future.

– Kayte Ashton

It took me 11 years of self-taught photography to get past the workshop. Well, I think I couldn’t find a better one, especially for this canine specification. In addition to being overflowing with talent, Audrey masters her discipline, exudes calmness and humility under the cover of a sharp pedagogy and attentive to our needs and questions. I can only recommend others to use her services, 200% satisfaction guaranteed.

– Olivier Jouaud

Audrey is really passionate about her work and transmits her know-how with professionalism and kindness. She does not hesitate to answer all our questions and also gives some advice. After this day between theory and practice, we finished our workshop with the module Retouching on Lightroom and Photoshop. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, Audrey adapts to your level of retouching. I also learned a lot of things, thanks to this module. To sum up, I can only recommend Audrey’s training courses which have taught me a lot and allowed me to evolve in my work.

– Anaïs Bonneau

A beautiful meeting with an accomplished professional. She knew how to adapt to my needs, how to be reactive to last minute constraints, how to be patient, how to adapt to everyone (canine models, their owners and me) and how to master her subject. I learned a lot from her. The plus: she remains available afterwards to complete this beautiful experience. A passionate professional and a great investment to make! I also received her book, very well done and very complementary to this face-to-face training, as well as her online courses completed regularly to continue to deepen the knowledge and acquire beautiful skills over time.

– Murielle Rey