Online Photoshop Course

If you are wondering how I do my image processing, this course is for you. In this online course, I’ll guide you through my complete editing procress in Photoshop.



In these webinars already recorded, I will show you step by step my complete editing workflow with more examples. There are over 7 hours of lessons in this course where you will learn the topics listed below.


  •  Importing and creating galleries for clients
  • Selecting photos efficiently
  • Photoshop Basics (layers, smart objects, masks)
  • Using the new Camera Raw
  • Precise hair selection
  • Shaping lights and shadows
  • Adding depth and focus
  • Dodge&Burn
  • Beauty retouch for people
  • Editing different types of eyes
  • Enhancing details on the subject
  • Correcting different color casts
  • Changing colours from green to orange
  • Creating colors and moods with gradients
  • Additional editing techniques
  • Photoshop Actions, Gradients, Overlays


“I have really enjoyed these webinars, and could not have asked for a better teacher than you, Audrey! Everything you do is explained so detailed, and it’s easy to understand everything you say. It’s really been a unique experience to be able to see the exact workflow of a photographer being shared in such detail, and with such passion. Being together with everyone live has also been a great experience. You really can’t find that everywhere, and I’m so thankful to have been given the opportunity to learn from you.”

Elma Haavik

“Audrey took the time to show the special work steps with a sample photo in Photoshop. She was open to all questions, always in a good mood and so friendly to everyone. The forum offered specifically for this course rounds off the package perfectly and you feel wonderfully cared for. As a professional I have also learned a lot of tips, tricks and detailed image processing steps that I had never considered before.”

Nadine Schiefner

“Audrey promises and gives a lot. And the best part is that she gives you the promised content, but twice as much! Her workflow, her tips, her tricks… she reveals everything. You can ask Audrey anything. And that’s during the workshop, but also afterwards. It’s great that the workshops can be viewed for a year afterwards. But on top of that, you can really send all your questions: she answers very quickly with a precise and complete solution. I don’t know how she does it honestly.”

Els Decoodt

“A series of great webinars in which Audreys teaches the different techniques she uses in her Editing Worksflows in Photoshop. She goes into every detail and takes her time to answer all the questions that come up. With her enthousiastic style she makes every webinar something to look foward to. I sincerely recommend this course to everyone who is interested in dog photography! Is is absolutely worth the investment!”

Marc Vandijck