Dog Photography Masters Online Course

What is dog photography masters?

Dog Photography Masters is an online platform dedicated to online courses on dog photography only. It was initially launched by Claudio Piccoli, a dog photography professional based in Italy. The goal of Dog Photography Master is to offer photographers from all over the world the opportunity to learn all aspects of dog photography through detailed and structured live courses. This is the first time we have seen such a comprehensive platform for learning a specific field like dog photography.

Dog Photography Workshop Online Courses For Dog Photographers

This new dog photography course will blow your mind

We have teamed up with Claudio Piccoli, Anne Geier and Audrey Bellot to bring you this brand new online masterclass in learning dog photography. With our combined strengths in portrait, landscape and action dog imagery, we will share with you the core of our work, giving you the keys to becoming a successful photographer. This course is not just about shooting or editing techniques, it’s much more than that. We’ve created a comprehensive offering with no less than 49 webinars that you can watch each week and then replay if you can’t attend the lesson. Of course, it’s always better to come live because we’ll be there to answer your questions in detail.

“This course has everything you need to know about dog photography. The technical aspects of photography are covered in as much detail as the subsequent image editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.”

Karin Goldbeck-Krügener

Certified Dog Photography Masters

What topics will be covered?


Create and style clusters

In the first level, we will guide you in the most important steps to follow in dog photography in 8 lessons (such as exposure, camera’s settings, autofocus and basics of Lightroom and Photoshop). If you are looking to deepen your knowledge, we strongly advise you to upgrade to level 2 or 3, as in this level 1, we will only cover the basic topics to begin with. Also, this level 1 does not include support, homeworks and business topics.


In the second level, you will have access to all the lessons from the first level and many additional webinars. There will be many advanced topics on shooting techniques as well as editing techniques. You will learn more aspects of dog photography in portrait, action and landscape with dedicated instructors. We will go into depth on the topics that are important to us to give you the best advice. You will also receive homeworks to improve your skills.


In the final level, you will have access to all the lessons from the first and second levels. For this outstanding option, we will also focus on the business side of dog photography with a wide range of different webinars. We will also offer additional editing webinars to show you professional post-processing techniques for your photo shoots. As a bonus, we will also be offering 3 full workflow editing lessons with each of us!

“Well-designed units for every topic, with great practical examples, a platform for the exchange of all participants make the course special. I can warmly recommend this course to you.”

Janina Eberle

Certified Dog Photography Masters

You won’t be the same photographer after this course

When I started photography, I didn’t know it would bring me there. During these past 3 years, I’ve been able to meet many amazing people during workshops in person and online. Dog photography is not only a passion, it’s an art I wanted to master, and it took me years to understand how to achieve the photos I really wanted. I failed. Many times. But the most important of my photography journey is that I didn’t give up, no matter the problems I was facing to.

As the world of dog photography grows every day, many of us are missing the right elements to succeed in this amazing art. Equipment, settings, techniques for portrait, landscape and action dog photography, business, editing, and more are the topics covered in this online Masterclass. We have scheduled 49 live online lessons for you to follow step by step with us for 6 months. At the end of this course, you will receive a Master Dog Photography Certificate. In the past, many of our students have already achieved amazing levels and have also won photography awards in international competitions.

Join our course before it runs out!

This course will help you to grow effectively without wasting your motivation and time.