Dog photo sessions in Belgium

A trip to Belgium to photograph dogs!

This was my first time in Belgium (almost) solely for photo shoots for dog owners all over the country. From blooming forests to unusual locations, here’s a post that will give you a taste of the kind of images you might get when booking a session abroad with me.

No less than 15 dogs have been in front of my lens in April 2021. Border Collie, Shiba Inu, Basenji and Chihuahua were the main breeds of dogs photographed during this trip. I am always happy to meet new owners and their faithful companions for individual photo sessions. The weather was on our side all along the stay, between sunrises and sunsets, each day was animated by the shooting of adorable dogs who were very motivated to pose and give the best of themselves. I thank again all the dog owners for their trust and I hope to see them again in Belgium for new adventures!

Audrey Bellot Photographe Canin France Belgique Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art

Colorful canine photo sessions

For the occasion of this trip in the middle of spring, I decided to discover the bluebell woods which can be found everywhere in Belgium. These forests offer splendid memories with magical colors. The most beautiful time to see and photograph them is during the last two weeks of April. Don’t forget to get up early to enjoy the best light and colors that the sun can offer at this time of the day. Moreover, you will have the chance to have the place all to yourself, as some forests are very crowded!

    Audrey Bellot Photographe Canin France Belgique Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art
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    Sessions at Villers Abbey

    This abbey is full of light effects, it’s the perfect place to make images with a touch of mystery. Onyx and Noya took advantage of this incredible location for their photo shoot. At this time of year, the afternoon is the best time to shoot in the Abbey if the sun is shining. In the morning, many rays come through the windows and the light can be very harsh, preventing soft-light portraits.

    Audrey Bellot Photographe Canin France Belgique Dog Photography Workshop Portraits of Dogs and Art
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    A labyrinth like no other

    One of my clients asked me to go to a rather special place for her photo shoot. It is an impressive steel construction made by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh designed in 2015 for the tenth anniversary of C-mine. This labyrinth is big enough to perform different varied shots. Her two Basenjis: Lucid and Lina did a perfect job for their session. We used this popular maze spot to shoot some hypnotic portraits.

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    Photo session in the Fagnes

    For my dear friend Florence, I went to the Fagnes! Florence, Martin, Hope and Naya enjoyed the light of a sunset in a beautiful forest in the middle of this natural park. Evening lights are one of my favorites, the light color is so warm that it beautifies every moment. This was one of my favorite sessions of this trip, between duos, family and single shots, we varied as much as possible the photos taken with the members of this lovely family. It was the first time I met the new member of the family: Hope, black and white Border Collie. She was young and full of energy that day, without being uncontrollable, quite the contrary! Despite her young age, she knew perfectly well how to stay focused for some static portraits.  

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