Louvre Museum with Basalt, Great Dane

The shoot started at 8 am, the earlier the better. At the end of October, I admit that it was not very warm outside, but what a beautiful weather we had! When we arrived at the place, there were already a few tourists, but it was truly magnificent. But no time to drool in front of this crazy scenery, our model is waiting for us with his owners.

Shooting au musée du Louvre

An extraordinary shoot

Last year I went to the Louvre Museum for a shoot with a Great Dane named Basalt. The most difficult thing was to avoid the undreds tourists. Everyone wanted to see Basalt, touch him, take a picture of him without the permission of the owners.

With all these people parading down the aisle, I thought it was ruined, but suddenly calm settled, and I was ready to capture this moment!

Chien au musée du Louvre

On the stairs

This pose gave a hard time to our large model which could not hold up well on the steps with his huge legs. But after a few minutes Basalt found his support and managed to stay a few seconds to give us time to photograph him.

Some dogs fail to reproduce certain postures with ease, but with time and gentleness anything is possible.

Dogue Allemand à Paris Musée du Louvre

The incredible Basalt

Here is a photograph where we can see a little more the size of Basalt. His head reached me at the level of the bust, and I am 1 meter 73! 100% muscle and elegance, Basalt is a dog that has overcome all the challenges of this shoot, everything we expected from him, he did it.

We asked Basalt to pose on 3 different places. At the entrance of the Museum, in front of the lampposts and on the stairs.

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