My 5 best dog pictures of 2018

I show you in this article my 5 best dog photographs taken during in 2018!

5. Elegancy

Akita Americain Abbaye Royaumont France Audrey Bellot Dog Photographer

A young 6-month-old American Akita in Royaumont Abbey: a former Cistercian monastery located in the hamlet of Baillon in Asnières-sur-Oise in the Val-d’Oise, about thirty kilometers north of Paris. It was built between 1228 and 1235 under the aegis of Saint Louis, and was then one of the most important abbeys in France.

4. Somewhere in paris

Chien Loup Tchécoslovaque Paris France Tunnel La Défense Black and White Wolf Dog

The La Défense tunnel in Paris is highly coveted by photographers. Therefore it’s after about 30 minutes of waiting that we can access the tunnel to photograph this Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. I’m not doing Black & White pictures so often, but this place lent itself rather well for this monochrome effect.

3. Louvre Museum

Paris Great Dane Louvre Museum Dog Photography Audrey Bellot

The shoot started at 8 a.m., the earlier the better. At the end of October, I admit that it was not very hot outside, but what a beautiful weather we had! It was really beautiful. The hardest part was avoiding the hundreds of tourists. Everyone wanted to see Basalt, touch him, take a picture of him without the permission of the owners. With all these people parading down the aisle, I thought it was ruined, but suddenly calm settled, and I was ready to capture this moment!

2. Eyes of Romania

Romanian dogs Photography Audrey Bellot Dog Photographer From France

During my trip to Romania to help dogs, I was able to take a series of sad and overwhelming images about dogs living in these shelters. Here is Litchee, one of the abandoned dogs.

“Then, in the shadows, I try to hide. I would like to be invisible, to cross the walls or the floor to stay there, in silence and indifference. I tremble, I am afraid. Who is looking at me? Who came into my niche filled with dirty kibbles and wet hair? I don’t know who it is, but I will never look at it, like if its presence represented the demon, and yet nothing happened.”

1. Kiss the paws

Berger Australien Photographe Canin France Belgique Photographie Canine Workhsops Séances Photos Chiens

The dog in this picture is Hermione; she’s a mixed breed. She is very lovely, but unfortunately, she started going blind very early. This picture shows her joy. She was so happy to run and jump. I took this picture in a forest in France, during the autumn season. The leaves are beautiful and perfectly matched Hermione’s fur! For this photoshoot, we looked for a beautiful trunk, then I laid down, waiting for her! She was very fast, and she made it, she was flying.

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